I am a Washington DC, Maryland, and New York licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I supervised Social Work therapists for nine years. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Social Work, I obtained an advanced Certification in Family Therapy and Marriage Counseling, Imago Relationship Therapy, and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and completed EMDR training. Attending many other workshops and trainings has helped me create an eclectic approach to psychotherapy and couples counseling. You can reach me at jeffreyibryan@msn.com or (516) 661-9768.

Why did I become a psychotherapist? One of my purposes in life is to show people what is possible for them. I also help people heal and change. I have done this as a psychotherapist for 38 years. I am an author, coach, psychotherapist trainer, and speaker. I design and lead workshops. These activities give me great pleasure, fulfillment, and a rich life. I have a sense of fulfilling my destiny.

When I work with someone I bring my caring, empathy, dedication, knowledge and wide range of experience in working with people of all ages and cultures.

When I wrote The Operating Manual for the Self, (manualfortheself.com) I had conducted over 40,000 clinical interviews.  Writing my book has been a rich and rewarding project that has been challenging, expansive, and hugely frustrating at times. I view it as a blueprint which offers people the opportunity to grow, change, heal and transform.

I established the International Institute for Self-Development, (IIFSD.org). The Institute has a vision and a broad mission, and utilizes The Operating Manual for the Self as one of its theoretical foundations. Our vision: To awaken and further our human potential through self-development.

I offer you a few of my thoughts: In the moment between the impulse to act and the action is choice. This is where freedom lives. Life is an inner game. As you play look inside, then outside, and then inside again.

email: jeffreyibryan@msn.com. telephone: (516) 661-9768