Welcome to My Website

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Bryan. I am Washington DC, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey licensed independent clinical social worker and have worked as a psychotherapist since 1978. In 2014 I founded the International Institute for Self-Development (IIFSD.org). In 2016 I published my book The Operating Manual for the Self (manualfortheself.com). I currently offer a variety of services which build upon my experience as a clinician. You can reach me at jeffreyibryan@msn.com or call me at (516) 661-9768.


The International Institute for Self-Development has the vision: To awaken and further our human potential through self-development. The institute has a mission to put the vision into practice. Read about our mission (https://iifsd.org/about/). I invite you to explore ways to participate in this tremendously exciting project. I am looking for partners to help bring our vision into fruition. (Participate)

I develop and give workshops on a variety of topics. I train other professionals to give these workshops.

Please contact me to learn about opportunities to: learn how to practice psychotherapy according to the principles and practices of the new self-psychology, train to be a self-development coach, a self-esteem coach, or a workshop leader.

You may reproduce the following informational sheets from the library and put your name on the heading: Memo from your child, Parenting for the 21st century, Developing Responsibility with Effective Discipline, and Stress and Stress Management.

We live in the age of empowerment. The Operating Manual for the Self empowers you to be whoever you want to be, and then to do and have anything you can imagine and create for yourself.

email: jeffreyibryan@msn.com. telephone: (516) 661-9768. Current residence: Washington DC